BIOBUG is a company specialized in farming and producing natural insect protein for human consumption, implementing the best practices for all ingredients.

With a vast international of plus 20 years experience and scientific expertise in the entomology and farming field, the founders shared a passion for innovation, science and the environment and came together to bring a new age of delicious, insect based nutrition foods for a sustainable planet.

We aim to meet the ever-growing demand of manufacturers and distributors of cricket based products at the highest level of quality and reliability.


Our Mission


To be the leader in entomology with the production, harvesting and distribution of the highest quality of organic insect protein. while reducing environmental impact


To promote and educate the perception of insect protein consumption by raising global awareness of its relevance and socio-political impact related to entomology


To contribute in solving the future food crisis by incorporating the most advanced knowledge in the entomology industry


To help provide graded feed alternatives and protein enhancers to farmers producing healthier and certifiable organic fish and chicken